Turf Pro – The mastery of keeping your client wanting more


Turf Pro – The mastery of keeping your client wanting more

Think golf, think football, think rugby. All of these need an enriched, healthy and robust turf in order for you to make the most out of the sport.

Thousands of pounds are poured into the maintenance of football grounds and local businesses every day. With such an expensive hobby, players expect the highest quality of playing platform for them to work on.

Our product contains Fulvic acid, this is beneficial as it contributes to plant/root health, physiological fitness and stress tolerance by enhancing the availability of nutrient, vitamin, and coenzyme intake. This also allows the turf to be resistant to pressure from disease. The fulvic acid also increases the number of carbohydrates in the plant. More carbohydrates mean more energy and reserves. This may all sound a bit scientific, but to simplify things, you will have healthier, more enriched turf for your players to enjoy. Our product helps us provide you with better business and an organic alternative to chemical treatments and overlays.

The strength

With games such as rugby and football, you need robust, strong grass to allow for maximum effort to be used against it. In other words, you need to be able to maintain your turf so it can withstand the full force of the games. Taking a golf course for instance, you can promote root development and course stress tolerance to build up your turf quality. The stronger the grass, the more games are able to be played on it and therefore, a better business flow for you.

The nutrition

You can use Grow Pro to organically complement any nutritional program that is currently used on any turf. It enhances the root growth which emphasises the playing conditions and in turn, brings more business for you. Players want to have the most desirable turf possible to play on and with such nutritional value, our product provides the best.

The Profit

The idea that the nutrition of your turf can financially profit you, is something that responds to every business, everywhere. With no chemicals, you can build your sports turf to be your money maker and bring in customers from around the world. You can beat the rest and be above in the competition.

All year-round

Sports turf is obviously in better condition in the summer months and falls in quality in the colder parts of the year. The idea behind Grow Pro is to make sure that your turf can perform all year round, by organically taking care of it. You can be using your sports turf at all times, without having to artificially trade-in. This allows for all year profit and no need for compromise.

With this product you are not only naturally helping the soil but gaining business. The better the quality of turf that is played on, the better the income of business and the more people want to come back to play on your turf. If you want to help your business grow, help your turf grow.

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