Odour Control for Portable Toilets


For construction workers around the world, the Portaloo is a compact saving grace. This time-saving companion is an item that we see on most building sights every day. However, if these are not maintained correctly, these “saving graces” can quickly become a site nuisance and a putrid smell is almost certainly going to cause issues.

Maintaining these can simply mean cleaning them more regularly, but what if there was also a way to always make sure that the smell is at its minimum when using these cabins?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been vital that construction, where social distancing can be in place, continues to grow and boost our economy. This means that the sites have still had to be active and that the hygiene standard levels have had to increase. It is now that we need to be protecting our key workers and the people who need to go to work every day to pay the bills, people who can’t get furloughed or a government grant. Although shielded with Personal Protective Equipment and the need for being a 2m distance apart, we see that these hard workers like everyone else, are still overcoming mental obstacles as being part of the workforce that is not able to stay at home. One way of improving their current working situation is by making their day just that little bit brighter, and their environment, a little easier to work in.

With uses of an organic solution to eliminate undesirable odours created at a domestic and industrial level, we can make working in this hot weather a little less painful on the nose. Odour Pro is our product that breaks down the unwanted smells in Portable Toilets and is 100% organic and friendly to the environment. It is simple to work into your current cleaning regimes and can make the workplace a nicer experience for everyone involved.

On a site, it isn’t always possible to hook up to an external system for removing waste and if the main connection is not available, then facilities are fitted with a built-in water supply and drainage tank. This can mean that during a longer period of time (even up to a week), waste is kept in tanks that are in or around the portable cabins. These can become hot over the days and can become unpleasant for those who work around the site. With a simple treatment plan and a dose of Odour Pro being incorporated too, you can exterminate the issues faced by odour pollution and create a better work environment. This in turn, can help establish a better working ethic and improve work morale!

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