An introduction to Biotic Pro’s Odour Control


Over time, we have seen a rise in population, especially in domestic areas of the world. Agriculture and farming has played an essential role in the economy forever. With the increasing demand for building on land and the location of new builds being closer to agricultural land, it is now of the utmost importance to control odour organically as much as scientifically possible.

The key to a happy neighbourhood

Odour control is a necessity to avoid a negative impact on the surrounding neighbourhoods and therefore creating ongoing issues for the agricultural industry. On a domestic level, manure is used as an aid to produce a higher yield and more enriched cultivation of plants and livestock. With products such as Odour Pro, you can eliminate unwanted odours through the scientific breakdown of biosolids and hard to digest chemical compounds. It also removes H2S, ammonia and Mercaptan based odours. This assures that smells are organically and safely removed without chemical impact. This can be applied across the board in various other components of the agricultural business.

Down on the farm.

For centuries, the farming industry has been using animal manure as a fertiliser to improve soil structure. This holds more nutrients and water, to allow the land to become more fertile, which in turn creates a higher potential for profit. However, manure obviously leaves a foul smell and creates a disruption to those who live or work around the land which is being treated. This nuisance holds the capacity to cause issues and with products such as Odour Pro, you are able to avoid these problems. The breakdown of these odours can prevent complaints which can begin to slow down manufacturing or worse, stop production.

Wastewater treatments

In the UK, around 347,000 kilometres of sewers collect over 11 billion litres of wastewater, every day. This is managed at the sewage treatment plants and mainly consists of household sewage plus some industrial wastewater. Most of the water before treatment contains a variety of noxious gases that cause wastewater odour. These odours create worldwide issues as the wastewater industry is in such high demand every day and the plants are nearby to towns and cities. Products that could relieve the pressure of odour related issues, could create a new outlook for those who once found the situation problematic.

With 7.2 million tonnes of food being passed on to landfills every year, the demand for organic odour control is at an all-time high. The rotting process of the food waste and decomposition creates an unpleasant malodour which can be an annoyance to those that live around it. With breakthrough science, you can avoid the confrontation, as Odour Pro digests the difficult compounds organically, which are toxic to naturally occurring bacteria.

The effects on employees could be transformative. As the wastewater and farming industries continue to expand, so does the workforce. Part of the role includes workers being exposed to strong odour as a result of a biological breakdown. Although this is part of the job, it isn’t the most desirable, especially when returning home to the infused scent of the field still lingering. The use of products that break down strong smells, could help improve the contentment of an employee. Satisfaction rates at work could increase productivity, as fewer breaks away from the potent aroma, could increase the amount of work being completed.

Other uses

Other uses for Odour Pro include septic tanks, anaerobic digesters and hydrocarbon remediation. All processes could thrive with such scientific organic productions and create even more possibilities for the industries. There would be minimal problems with environmental impacts and odour pollution, therefore helping the businesses flourish.

Overall, the various industries need breakthrough technology to keep afloat and to allow for a change in this ever-expanding world. Without science and without breaking down these odours, we are creating more.

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