An Introduction to Biotic Pro


Naturally occurring, Biologically active, Carbon Based Products.

Are you trying to keep up with the new innovative ways to organically help your

If yes, Biotic Pro is for you . We produce natural, non-chemical products which are environmentally friendly and can help your business thrive. These can aid various industries in creating safe and organic alternatives to purely chemical products. These products are designed for businesses that deal with agricultural land, commercial land and also can help with wastewater and litter management.

Unfortunately, over the years there has been a constant increase in soil depletion.With estimations of 44% of arable land being at risk of water erosion, it is now the most important time for us to be thinking about how to enrich our soil for crop yield. It is products like ours, that assist you to maintain your nutrient enriched land and potentially still allow for maximum profit.

So what product can help?

“I want better soil. I need to make sure I can grow more food and make more money. How can I do this?”

Grow Pro is our all natural, agricultural product that combines natural soil acids to increase the enrichment of the land. It is a solution to assist business owners and at home green fingers, in aiding the process of growth. Grow Pro can be used on fruits, vegetables, turf, interior foliage and landscape trees and shrubs. It works to eliminate bad bacterias from the soils to reduce the amount of fungal issues, therefore maximising profit.

We also provide a product called Turf Pro, which is our solution to keeping your turf performing to its best all year round. The combination of components within this product allows for a perfect complement to any nutritional programme that is being used on agricultural, horticulture, turf or sports turf. These products work to create beneficial contributions to the land and can generate potential for profit. This is how we work alongside companies, to create the best possibility for financial gain, using an organic technique.

“I’m constantly having complaints because of the odour that is produced at my factory. How can I reduce the smell and the stream of angry emails I’m getting through from the surrounding neighbours?”

Aside from the nutritional value that Grow Pro brings, we also have our Odour Pro product. This effectively removes all unpleasant odours such as hydrogen sulphide and ammonia. This can be used on landfills, at water waste treatment plants,in septic tanks and also at food processing manufacturers. It can provide companies with alternatives to having issues and complaints that stem from the lack of odour control. You can use these products to enable a more positive experience for the general population and lower tensions in the workplace and surrounding environments. This achievement can be made with using our 100% organic liquid blend to break down those unwanted smells, in a safe, natural way. If this is what you want , then Bio Pro is the product for you.

“I run a poultry grow out house and want to reduce ammonia levels and improve feed conversion ratios by providing a cleaner environment. How do I do this organically?”

Bio Pro LT (Litter Treatment)

Bio Pro LT (Litter Treatment) is the product for you. It provides the houses with a safe, non-chemical pre-treatment before birds are placed in, to reduce the ammonia levels and speed up oxidation. It also breaks down unwanted organic solids and is less corrosive and, according to our case studies, is more cost effective than other Non-Biotic Pro products. It produces better results and allows us to always be confident that it is the product for you.

The various areas which our products cover, allow for an organic, all natural breakdown and remove the idea of chemicals being the solutions to everyday problems. If you need to fix the problem, and you want to do it in the most profitable, cost effective yet natural way, then choose Biotic Pro today.

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