Biotic Pro

Biotic Pro produces many natural products that are based on our unique natural deposit of humates and humic acids. These environmentally friendly products are used extensively in industrial and government applications to control noxious odours, reduce corrosion, reduces suspended solids and for controlling biological oxygen demand in wastewater.

Our agricultural stimulants produce some of the world’s most impressive containerised plants, along with commercial and residential landscaping, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and turf. The Department of Agriculture approved natural humate we use has many natural organically based trace elements plus natural soil biology that plants need to grow strong and healthy.

The origins of Biotic Pro’s products are found in an ancient meteorite enriched cypress bog. Accumulation and slow decomposition of this cypress material over the course of thousands of years has resulted in the unique composition of turf pro, grow pro and odour pro.

+ Grow pro

Agriculture / Horticulture / Sports Turf

Grow Pro products are a unique soil additive combination of natural soil acids, carbon, bacillus and fungi designed to promote maximum soil and plant health across agricultural, turf and ornamental horticultural industries.

- Odour pro

Odour Control / Waste Water Treatment / Litter Treatment

Bio Pro is mixed with a specially adapted package of beneficial biology to enhance and speed up the natural process of the breakdown of biosolids and hard to digest chemical compounds.

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